Saturday, August 04, 2007

All the shelves on the IVAR have broken, and there is no stock at IKEA at the moment, so I thought I would use superglue to fix them.

Except the glue splashed onto my hand when I was trying to pierce the hole, and before you know it, my hand was stuck to the tube!

I tore the tube away in a panic, taking a piece of skin with it.

And I managed not to get all my fingers stuck together.

A Mr Bean moment.

Now there is a layer of glue on 4 fingers of my right hand, and 2 on my left.

Luckily I still can type, feel, and move them around.

It will take time for the glue to come off. I do not dare to use turpentine or methylated spirit, because of the broken skin.

I am just glad Spencer was far far away when this happened. If not, she would have to be shaved!!
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At 10:11 am, Blogger san said...

Ooooh... nasty glue that! I am always wary when using bonding glue. I hope your hands came out of it okay.


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