Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some cat had been screaming for the whole night, either in heat, or lost.

Mera made a surprise morning visit. I gave him biscuits and fish. And scritches.

Spencer woke me at 8am, because Mera and Kiki were here. Kiki had one can of chicken.

And the little kitten Mackette was here. She left her calling card.

Actually I saw her sitting on the balcony outside Kiki's house, and Mera was staring at her. She went to polish off Mera's leftover, and Kiki stared at her.

Mera had left, and Kiki is terrorising Calico at the car park.

I think Mackette stays on our floor.
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At 10:35 am, Blogger auntie p said...

Little kitten probably has worms...very common for young stray cats.

At 2:01 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Mera looks like a tiger cub.


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