Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lots of tomcats dropped by this morning.

Sister J saw Kiki and Mayo sitting at their gate. Then Mera appeared at the staircase. She was asking him to come up, when Bh2 appeared, and almost knocked her sideways. Mera trotted off, and Bh2 came up. Hat came up too, after hearing that there were movements in the house, hence breakfast. There must be something wrong with the fish today, because no one wanted it.

Kiki managed to escape, and started to patrol the corridor. He detected Bh2, and was most upset. He was puffing up and snarling, and wanted to fight with Bh2, who was hiding under the pots. Hat was sitting on the fish tank, Spencer at the gate, both watching.

I pushed Spencer inside, and closed the door, so that Kiki would not see Max and be more upset.

In the mean time, Mera came up again, stood on the balcony so that I could see him, and indicated that he is ready for his breakfast, NOW!! Basically he walked along the length of the corridor, high up above the feuding Kiki and Bh2, and he left in the same method.

We came out to think of a way to separate the two. Luckily Bh2 had moved away from the pots. So I used a sleeping bag which was blown over from somewhere, to cover Kiki. He was momentarily stunned. Then I used a broom to push Bh2 away. He took the hint and ran for his life.

We just left Kiki by himselfto cool down, and Hat had the cheek to come up again and ask about a new breakfast menu.

I went down to feed the cats. Yb, Calico and Ginger ate, but Bh2 didn't want food. He brought Pale Eye over, so his food would not be wasted. Hat ate too. I couldn't find Mera though.

When I came back up again, Kiki had vanished.
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