Saturday, November 10, 2007

After that, Kiki came back up, looking apologetic.

He didn't come in until I opened the gate for him. He patrolled the house, sniffed about, and I gave him a plate of salmon. He ate, rested a while, and finished the food.

He went to the rack where his old bed was, the one which Spencer is using now. I thought he would settle down for a nap, when he rushed out, tossing the toy mouse about.

He had a good time swiping,tossing, chasing and chewing the mouse.

It was a very old mouse, I think one of the first mice I bought. It was named Scabbers, after Ron Weasley's pet.

Then Kiki went back to bed.

I prefer him like this, instead of his nutty, aggressive personality.
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