Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday I had to work, so Sister S brought Spencer to the vet, for review.

Half way to the vet, she realised she forgot her wallet. Spencer was not impressed.

I purposely didn't leave any bins for Spencer for the whole day.

The vet managed to express some urine, with a piece of crystal. There was no more blood, and Spencer has no more frequency. The urine volume is bacl to normal.

The vet was very concerned about the crystal, or struvite. Sister S said she could see it, like a sugar crystal. They showed her under the microscope too.

The vet also did an X-ray and blood test for Spencer.

He attempted to explain to Sister S about the whole situation, but she had problem understanding him. He gave up, and said he will call me on Monday.

He prescribed more of the same antibiotics for Spencer, and Science Diet c/d FLUTD diet.

It is all very distressing.

Spencer is actually quite well, active and has a good appetite. I see that she is also drinking more water.
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At 11:45 pm, Blogger san said...

It is good you're drinking more water Spencer. Its good for you.


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