Tuesday, January 01, 2008




First day of 2008.

Overcast and cold. In Japan people would dress up and go temples to wish for a good year ahead.

The Myanmar neighbour started to have visitors since 7am.

Hat sang in the hall at 9am.

Both Sister S and I jumped out of bed, and told him to shut up.

Then Mera came too.

Both had hearty breakfasts.

I fed Yb, Calico, Ginger and Monty. Later Bh2 appeared, so I gave him some biscuits too. He snarled at Monty.

I bought a bag of soil and fertiliser last night, for the plants outside.

Spencer was wary of the visitors next door, and had been in a panic state.

There were still soil leftover, so we tidied the neighbour's plants too.

Then Sister S and I went to the neighbourhood market, to get some household items.

Lots of people seemed to have the same idea too, as CNY is 5 weeks away......!!!!!!!!
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At 3:16 pm, Blogger san said...

alamak! will the festivities never end? hahaha


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