Monday, June 20, 2005

Hat gets the groove

It started to rain at 5am and I was woken up by cat loud meowing. I thought Mera was here singing his biscuits song, so I woke up to get him food. I couldn't find him in the kitchen and thought I was dreaming until I heard the meow again, this time from outside. Before I had time to look out, there was already one cat scrambling to come in through the window, but not before it banged its head twice on the panels. I drew the curtains and saw that it was Hat trying to get inside the house. He managed well without my help so I went to bed. Then he jumped on my bed and started to walk around, maybe trying to find a way to jump onto the wardrobe. I didn't want him to break anything and leave pawprints on my bedsheet, so I had to get up and push him onto the wardrobe. I think he promptly went to sleep coz he was still there when I woke up at 8.30am.
It was a good thing he knew how to come in through the windows, I had been trying to teach him, and each time he just didn't seem to get it. And he gave me that look like:" Why are you shoving me through the window when the door is wide opened perfectly?" Now that he knows how to get in, I will not be as worried about him especially during heavy rains and storms.


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