Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It started to rain at 4.30am with strong wind. I closed the window because Spencer hated the whipping curtains. And it was cold.

At 7am some cat was calling outside. I assumed it was Hat so I opened the door. The calling stopped but no cat appeared, so I went back to bed leaving the door ajar.

When I woke up again, Hat was in his basket, looking very cold. After some breakfast and bed readjustment, he was cosy again. Apparently he was sitting outside Jut's window, on the ledge, looking at the rain. He did it before at the kitchen window, here and 5th floor. Looked very scary but cats have a fine sence of balance. As long as they are slim and not startled, they can stay still on a thin ledge many floors high. Kiki used to do it too, with Mayo, but now he is too stout.

Rain made Spencer hungry too. She still refused to go near the table fan, as it still smell of her own vomit.


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