Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I found a bald spot on Spencer's tummy, the size of a 5oc piece. It looks pinkish, with some brown spot. The fur looks shaved.

It was scary because it occurs so suddenly, I am sure it happens overnight. Spencer does not suffer any discomfort and she was not seen licking that spot all the time. She was just very quiet last night, like angry with something.

At first we thought someone had shaved off her fur. But then Spencer hardly goes out and she is so wary of humans she would run back quickly, and I doubt any stranger can force her down and shave her tummy. Another possibility is she hurt herself while climbing through the windows. She is so fat the tummy may have been scraped by the panels. She may also have suffered from some stress disorders and the spot was caused by over grooming.

It is all very worrying and Spencer enjoyed much petting and consolations. I have put antibiotics and antifungal ointment on the spot. Hope she recovers soon.


At 8:22 pm, Blogger chuasai said...

It is quite possible that she hurt herself while coming in through the window cos she is too fat


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