Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Spencer was checking out Mera's catnip pillow and she was sniffing the air just to ascertain what that weird smell was.

After that she was exhausted and went to bed, as the weather was cold too. Mera was asleep by 9am after breakfast. The pillow helped too. Hat had a late breakfast because I had to wait until Mera settled down before I could feed him. After that he left almost immediately.

We really can't blame Spencer as she normally wakes up at 4am and waits patiently for any sign of movements from the bedrooms. Once she heard anyone stirs, around 7am, she would scream at the top of her lungs to demand breakfast and to share with the bleary whoever about any goings the night before. By 8am she gets tired again and she would have a nap next to my fan until I wake up and give her morning tea. After that she would hang around until we all leave for work then she can have her daily beauty sleep.


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