Thursday, July 21, 2005


Kiki is so fat when he enters through the gate just now, he almost took it off the hinges. And he had the cheek to look back at the gate and with that look :" I think your gate has shrunk!!"

He didnt like the menu today so he played with catnip and the rattan stick. His cubby hole collapsed. He is outside now cooling off.

Hat had eaten dinner heartily and looked at the microwave oven until his head was spinning.

When I was checking the mail box I was pleased to see Auntycat waiting near the staircase. She is well, energetic and wanted her dinner very much. I am glad she is alive and well.

I also saw Pretender tonight. He was waiting with 4 other strays at the carpark and I said hello. He looked at me for a long time then he suddenly realised who I was, so he started to follow me and crying pitifully. I told him I didn't have food with me. At the edge of the block, he stopped following and sat there until I was gone. Rather sad, but I think he would go back to his friends again until the lady with the catfood appears. So it is not true that only dogs have loyalty and elephants have memory.

No BH2 tonight, someone saw him crossing the road to the other block.

Spencer's bald patch, the same, but the fur seems to have grown.


At 8:48 am, Blogger cat_aunty said...

People say I should just carry Pretender across the road and bring him back, but it is not so easy as he is not completely tame. Not like Mera or Hat one can just tuck under arm and go


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