Sunday, August 21, 2005


I reached home late, about 10.30pm. Hat came willingly when I rang the keyrings, and BH2 was following behind. They both had supper. Hat was wary of strangers but he took it in his strides. Initially he was on top of my wardrobe and he jumped down to sniff the luggage. When he was caught red-pawed, he looked a bit stunned and went to his basket. Spencer was also miffed and she kept snuggling onto my bed throughout the night.

Hat sang on the corridor early morning and wanted to be let in, he thought I was in the room. In the end someone let him in but there was no food for him so he left again. The cats shared a can of mackerel today. Cheapo, but they enjoyed it. Hat is sleeping now, Kiki and Mayo had been here to eat and play.

The cats are aware of the prayers downstairs, it wasn't terribly loud, but the cats couldn't fall asleep easily.


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