Saturday, August 20, 2005


It rained suddenly in the morning. I did have the intention to go out and stretch my legs, but I don't like to go out on rainy days, so I guess it is another day for me to stay in, read, and be the cats' slave.

I did wake up at 3am and was walking about the house. Spencer woke up to join me. She wanted to attack my big toes in the quilt. Last night we gave her one of Jut's old T-shirt and she seemed to get great comfort in that.

When I woke up again at 9.30am, she just came to me, meowed a bit and waited by her food bowl so I could give her breakfast. Clever cat.

BH2 was sleeping under the generator. Mera, Auntycat and Hat were waiting together at the opposite block, due to the activities at our void deck. I gave Auntycat her biscuits, and carried Mera up with me. He complained a lot and he went into the room so I fed him there. Hat followed us so it saved me one trip. Mera went under the bed and Hat snuggled in his basket. 10 minutes later, it started to pour. At least it covered the sounds of the monks chanting, which I admit is still at a tolerable level.

Next door neighbour got himself another dog, some sort of silky terrier. Maybe to accompany Dodo. Hopefully this will work out for him, the previous JRT was gone after 3 days.


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