Friday, August 26, 2005


The two tomcats are driving me nuts. Hat refused to eat and BH2 was picky about the flavor of the leftovers. The cats were all waiting under the tree this morning. I drew BH2 aside because Auntycat doesn't like him. When Auntycat was still at her biscuits, BH2 came back and complained mournfully. Finally I gave him a can of fish, after he finished that he still refused to leave, and giving me looks, so I had to give him another can, which Hat didn't want. I had to sit downstairs to wait for Auntycat to finish, just in case BH2 grabbed her food.

And Hat was here early this morning, singing at the top of his lungs outside the corridor. I had to let him in.

I did see Mera when I went down but when I wanted to give him biscuits, he had vanished into thin air.

Spencer vomitted again, but stomach juices. She is very alert this morning.


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