Tuesday, August 23, 2005


No new blogs yesterday as the server was down. People complained that there were too many photos of Hat.

Spencer was ready to have a good sleep-in by 9am yesterday, after food. Hat didn't want to eat, just followed me around. He stayed on the corridor, maybe enjoying the sunshine. No sign of Mera. BH2 also complained about the food, and gave me a nip on the leg for good measures. These tomcats are getting smug.

When I reached home at night, the two boys were suitably hungry so they ate up. BH2 was sleeping on his side as the weather was warm, I almost thought he was dead. After dinner, Hat wanted to sleep but there was some visitor at home, so he left to loiter downstairs. At 12 midnight, he sang 4 notes and asked to be let in. He had some biscuits and chatted with Spencer.


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