Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Spencer was not doing sit-ups. She was trying to clean her tummy.

She was rather jumpy this morning. Yesterday afternoon she vomitted on the bedsheet but went to bed early at 9pm, after chewing a bookmark to death. She spoke a lot this morning, and wanted to play. I explained to her that I have to work today.

Hat was here at 10.30pm, singing a long song again. He went straight to his basket and was fast asleep soon. He is here now, only had a few bites of breakfast, and nodding off. Low pressure sysytem.

BH2 didn't like the breakfast menu but Auntycat chomped through her food.

Oh and Kiki was here last night. Spencer saw him and immediately took up post in front of the gate, maybe ecpecting Mayo. Kiki sucked up the leftovers, disturbed Spencer for a while, got his tummy stroked and left.


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