Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Kindly neighbour said when she popped by to feed Spencer, the cat never showed her face at all. The neighbour saw that the food bowls were empty, so she assumed the cat was alright. For the last 6 years she had been helping us when we were away, Spencer never appeared in front of her. The first time she was so worried that the cat escaped, she looked high and low for her and finally located a petrified Spencer under the bed.

When she came in, Kiki and Hat also followed her. She didn't know Kiki is a regular, so she was very worried that the cats would fight. Plus Kiki looked a bit simple-minded. I did leave instructions for her but she couldn't read them without her glasses. When she went downstairs, all the straycats follwed her because she had my keys and the cats recognised the ringing sound.

She did her job alright, managed to feed and put out litter bins so all was well.


At 5:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe u should show "kindly neighbour' these pictures so that she knows how spencer look like..Jut


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