Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is Kiki after he puts on weight. Haha gotcha, this is another picture lifted off from the internet.

Spencer was still in bed when I reached home, but she woke up and asked for food loudly. Auntycat was fed, Kiki was loitering downstairs, Mera I took upstairs for a feed and belly rub.

Hat came up by himself afterwards as I was busy with Mera. After dinner, he washed himeself on the corridor and hid himself underneath the neighbour's towel being dried. Unfortunately the neighbour came back and started to collect her laundry. When she unpegged and lifted the towel, Hat stared at her with his strange elliptical eyes. She screamed very loudly and I was going to rush out to apologise. But she seemed OK about it, talking to Hat and telling him not to scare her like that in the future. She even left the towel there so that Hat could continue to snuggle underneath. Hat was lucky not to have been skinned alive. And the funny thing was, she thought Hat was female.


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