Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Today's story has nothing to do with cats.

When I went back to the store, my staffs told me something huge had happened. Apparently on 3pm Friday afternoon, 3 squirrels came into the shopping complex. One went to the BBQ outlet, two came into our store. They were rather large, about 2 feet across and dark brown in color. They were running about the store and hopping up on the shelves, causing confusion among the staffs and customers. Some people even mistaken them as large rats. After much screaming, jumping on chairs and squirming, security was informed but the guys were clueless on how to catch the squirrels. They were actually afraid of the animals. The squirrels eventually disappeared into the store room.

Pest control came in the evening and the store room was turned upside down, but no signs of the squirrels. They left rodent baits and rodent sticky traps. The one that went to the BBQ outlet was captured, and was said to be destroyed. He went down with a fight, scratching one of the pest control man on the face.

On Saturday morning before the store opened, one squirrel appeared in the store room, and there was another episode of screaming and jumping on chairs. During the mayhem, the two animals left the store, ran along the passageway and disappeared. Screams could be heard as they passed the early shoppers. Pest control came again to check the traps, and left without any catch.

Later we heard from the security that they were cutting down trees up the road, and the squirrels may have come from those trees.

The follies of men caused the squirrels to lose their homes and one to lose his life because men are too stupid to distinguish it from a rat. They didn't wish it upon themselves. They were probably scared as hell too. But no one started a donation drive for them; no celebrities, NGOs or charities speak out for them, no television networks have 24 hours coverage of their plights.

So why are we doing the same for the victims of natural catastrophe?


At 8:25 pm, Blogger Jennifer said...

Why can't they just look at the bushy tails of the little animals?
Trees also have life and should not be chopped but trimmed only.
Really killing a chicken with a butcher's chopper.


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