Wednesday, September 21, 2005


When I reached home at 10.30pm, I saw Kiki and Mayo at the park bench. Auntycat heard me and rushed towards us. Then I noticed BH2 also sitting at the same spot, but he being being grey, I missed him initially. So the 3 tomcats were having a pow wow, just that Mayo looked puffed up. Auntycat side stepped BH2 and ate her dinner, and since I only had one packet of food, I told BH2 to behave and wait for my return. When I went down again, BH2 was at the park bench, waiting again.

Hat appeared from the carpark after much calling, but he didn't like the dinner menu, so he just had some biscuits. He got himeself more grease marks today, one on his cheek. Hopeless.

Kiki came up with me and had his dinner. He is too fat to go through the grilles now. Last night he was trying to do it but was stuck midway. The neighbour walked past, he got panic and puffed up, and I had to push him through gently.

Mera was here since 11am, he had his morning tea and decided to sneak into the store room. By the time I discovered, he had already chewed through a bag of Friskies. That is his bad habit, he had done it many times before and was banned from the store room. There were many disturbances today so Mera went to sleep under the bed. Hat, as usual, was in his basket.


At 5:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i mean, wat is there to pow wow , these 3 tom cats?!!

At 5:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and mera looks a bit cheezed off here...jut


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