Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kiki went down to the garden after breakfast, but BH2 appeared, so Kiki ran home quickly. I saw him climbing the door grilles, not sure for what purpose. I approached him, he saw me, and ran back to the door quickly. I deduced he wanted to go home, so I pressed the doorbell for him. Unfortunately no one opened the door, so I brought him home. He collapsed on the floor. Hat slept on in his cubby box with a towel.

When I came back, Auntycat and BH2 were under the tree, BH2 calling for food. When I went down, he came up the staircase and stopped me from moving. I was very afraid he would bite, so we had a stalemate for a while. Auntycat shouted at him, so he moved, while I tried to walk further away from him to avoid being attacked. Those old man sitting under the tree laughed at me. I told them BH2 bites, they said nevermind lah. Aiyoh.

Hat is being naughty again, he stil hasn't come up for dinner. The cats have tuna tonight. Posted by Picasa


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