Saturday, December 31, 2005

Spencer at her usual morning spot. And her pet cat. The room gets the morning sunshine, maybe that is why she likes it there.

She is nicer to Max this morning. No more hissing or growling. I think as long as he doesn't approach Spencer, she can tolerate him. One of them scratched the boxes under my bed this morning.

Max was waiting beside my bed when I woke up at 7am, and Spencer at the other room. They were both very hungry, and followed me to the toilet. Max finished one can, and made a huge mess. He vomitted a long hairball last night.

After that Spencer stayed on the dinner table, Max played soccer and was running around like a kitten. And he played chase with me. He poo, and ran somemore. Now he is resting on the water table, looking at Spencer.

I am glad they can get along peacefully now. I don't expect them to hug each other, but as long as Spencer is relaxed with Max around, things should be OK.

Hat came at 8am, and left after brekkie, seeing that Max was still with us. Posted by Picasa


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