Saturday, December 31, 2005

Spencer in her morning room.

Hat was waiting for me when I came back. I talked to Mera's owner for a while, and Hat started to wash his thighs. Apparently Mera was sleeping at 5th floor. Hat followed me upstairs, and was a bit disappointed to see Max still in the house.

Hat ate his dinner and went to bed on the wardrobe. Max started to walk up and down the corridor, and didn't come in to eat biscuits until late. Spencer went to bed for a short while, and woke up after I dropped the bowls on the kitchen floor.

Mera dropped by while I was feeding Max biscuits. Mera didn't come in, just loitering outside the door to make sure I saw him. Unfortunately Max followed me to the door, and Mera saw him. His pupils dilated to the full, and his hackles rose. He was so upset he stormed off without eating anything. Poor Mera! But it was inevitable that he would bump into Max.

The Myanmar neighbour were very surprised to see Max. I think they recognised that Max is a pure breed. They oohed and ahhed at him, as if he was a star. Two of them are new, only here since late last night. Max snarled at them. I thought he was a very clever cat! Posted by Picasa


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