Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I covered the sofa with an old bedsheet, because it was cooler that way, and prevented dust. Spencer likes to hide underneath the cover in the mornings and ambush me.

Last night, Hat dropped by, and discovered the sofa cover too.

This morning, I wanted to bring Hat up for breakfast, but he kept running about, so I came up and do my own things. Me and Spencer were sitting by the door, when Spencer started to stare at the cover. I thought she wanted to go in, so I flipped the cover. Before you know it, Hat sprang out! And scared both of us to death! I didn't even know when he hid himself underneath the cloth. Spencer didn't like his tricks at all, and slapped him right there and then. Hat ran out, and sulked next to the pot plant. I left for work, and pushed him back into the house.

Just now I took Hat up for dinner. He had a bit of biscuits, and disappeared again. I should have known better, because he ambushed us again. Spencer growled, and chased him away.

Sigh. These two..... Posted by Picasa


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