Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mera woke me up at 7.30am! The same drill, singing in 4 notes, bells shaking, then he walked into my room and sang beside my bed. I got him some biscuits, and he waited patiently by the food drawer. As a result, Spencer skipped her song today.

Hat was with BH2 at the power station. He wanted wet food this morning, refused to eat biscuits. He was here last night at 11pm, I think because it was too noisy from the opposite block.

Spencer really likes her carpet. It is just enough for one very fat cat, so she doesn't have to share with Hat. The sofa cover is in the wash, because Spencer puked on it the other day. Posted by Picasa


At 2:57 pm, Blogger animalfamily said...

yes, can always trust a cat to be an effective alarm clock.

At 12:43 am, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Yeah. Alarm clocks with claws and fangs, and not afraid to use it!


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