Saturday, March 25, 2006

Received a SMS from sister J, about Max's midnight adventure...

" Woken by loud meow of Max at 3am. Heard loud water noise, thought raining, then realised it is the water tap at my bathroom. He has accidentally turned the lever on and water was gushing out...."

" I think he used his head to lift up, then water came out and he panicked..."

" I spanked him before I went back to sleep."

" It was him. Because he had wanted to jump into the basin many times last night and I stopped him. Just now I see basin got paw marks..."

Oh dear Max....! Apparently he ran into the bedroom and meowed very loudly to wake sister J. And this morning he didn't dare to sing loudly for breakfast, just whimpered when it got late.

But then I thought he was being amazingly clever, to be able to turn on the tap, AND asked for help when he knew he was in trouble!

As for sister J's PUB bill next month.....hoho....


At 9:33 am, Blogger san said...

Yes. Max is very clever. He knows what to do in case of emergencies. More clever than some people. Hurrah for you max.

Err..I wonder if spanking would work on Toro. Hmmmm


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