Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spencer didn't make too much a fuss this morning. She only started to shout when the alarm rang at 8am. Still some biscuits left.

Hat crept in at 8.20am, and explored the house, maybe because Sister S was not in. Spencer was tailing him, as if saying: " OI YOU DON'T ANYHOW TOUCH MY THINGS OK?!" I think Hat is ill again.

Saw Mera at the garden, and was feeding him, when Auntycat appeared also. Auntycat started to roll in front of Mera, exposing her tummy and fluttering her eyelashes, asking for food. Mera couldn't stand it, so he left the food, and let Auntycat have it. I took him up for another feed.

Spencer had pee-ed, and is resting on the carpet.
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