Friday, April 21, 2006

Spencer woke me at 8am, but she didn't scream too much. Even after I prepared her breakfast, she didn't plunge into it. She sat outside for a long time, looking at me as if saying: " YOU SILLY WOMAN. THERE IS A PAIR OF LEGS MISSING IN THIS HOUSE AND YOU ARE JUST SITTING THERE DRINKING YOUR COFFEE???" After that we played kick-boxing, and chase-bite, then she ate a little bit. Last night I changed bedsheet, so she slept with me. Max had slept on the old one, so Spencer won't touch it.

Hat came up at 9am, ate both wet and dry food. BH2 was snoozing when I went down, and shot out from a bush when I shook my keys, half scaring me to death.

Mera was downstairs too. He ate his biscuits and treats, and wanted to chase a new calico.
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