Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I went for a haircut, and bought a cooking pot, 3 dresses and Body Shop shower gels.

When I reached home, Mera was sleeping on the cabinet behind the curtains. I gave him some biscuits and escorted him to the staircase. At the slightest of noise, he ran back again into the house. I guess he will only leave when the workmen leave at 5pm. I gave him a catnip pillow to relax him.

I rang the keys to summon Hat, because he didn't have breakfast. Auntycat, BH2 and the calico flocked around, and Hat didn't appear until much much much later. He was alarmed to see Mera. After one can, I put him on the bookshelf. He is conked out now.

Only Spencer is still wide awake. Posted by Picasa


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