Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogger got problem with photos again, and the USB port on the lap top is not working wither.

I just came back from visiting Miaomiao. She knew it was me when I was unlocking the door, because she didn't even bother to jump down from the couch. She didn't eat, just asked for scratchie. I closed the door, just in case she cried to be let out again, like this morning. When I refused to let her out, she snarled and bit me on the arm. I think Miaomiao only bites when she doesn't get her way. I gave her a scratchie session using the bamboo backscratcher, and she kneaded my feet, and rubbed against me.

Xiao Mimi was still very excited, and kept purring, walking up and down, and rubbing against me.

I left when I saw that Miaomiao was falling asleep. Kindly neighbour should be back by tomorrow evening.

I saw Mera at the garden, and I carried him to the 5th floor. He seemed reluctant to go home, and gave me a nip at the ankle, when we were in the lift. After that he walked very sloooooooowly towards his house, and then stopped outside. I think maybe his mum was not back yet, and no one would feed him.

Spencer gave me a good sniff and once-over when I reached home, then she bumped against me repeatedly, and complained loudly.

Hat had a big dinner, and was no where to be found.


At 1:38 am, Blogger Zeus said...

You're so very kind to look after those two kitties. I am sure your neighbor is very appreciative! My human pet always finds someone to look after Isis and me when she goes away as well.

At 9:16 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Dear Zeus, it was no problem to me as it is at the same block. When I am away, kindly neighbour would help me look after Spencer too.


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