Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woke up at 8am today. The kids were sleeping at the playground, without the bikes. Maybe the Police impounded them.

Fed the cats. Everyone accounted for, except YellowBoy. The yellow kitten is more daring, while the tabby is better looking. BH2 has wounds on his ears, face, tummy and tail. Looked like he has been fighting very badly. Poor BH2.

Then the usual laundry cleaning and houseworks, while Hat slept on the sofa, 4 paws up. I timed it, his paws would go up after 10 minutes. Some cats sprayed on the orchid. No wonder it has been wilting lately. And Spencer vomitted on Mera's catnip mat, maybe in retaliation to the cat tent incident.

Then off to the supermarket, and saw Mera in the bushes. He asked for tummy rub. Auntycat emerged from the drain, and glared at Mera. Posted by Picasa


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