Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last night I brought Yb home for dinner. As expected, Kiki was prowling the corridor. YB was very upset, so I left him on the window pane. I let Kiki into the house for his dinner, and Yb ate outside. It ended up a better method. Yb wanted to come in, but left after seeing Kiki.

I was shocked to see Spencer sleeping on the sofa when I walked in. She felt a bit hot, looked ill. She has been licking the end of her tail lately. It is painful when we tried to examine it, but we really couldn't see anything, save for a scab on her shoulder, and some thinning of tummy fur. I just let her be, and she didn't get down until 10pm. After that, she looked like her normal self.

Kiki ate his dinner, played with catnip mouse, patrolled the house, and talked to Spencer.

At 11pm, I saw ambulance and police at the opposite block. I thought it might be Auntycat's nenek, so I looked on for a while. Then I saw Mera outside at the corridor, growling because of Kiki. That is the problem when he lost his bells, I can't hear him visiting. Spencer had fallen asleep on my bed, and refused to budge.

I went out to bring Mera in, and gave him biscuits. He refused, and jumped out again. I saw him standing together with Kiki, and both didn't look aggressive, so I locked up and went to bed.

After some time, I heard cats singing. This went on for 15 minutes. I knoew it was Kiki, and I thought his owner would see to it. Unfortunately, nothing happened, except the screams got louder. I had to unlock again, and found Mera cornering Kiki at the staircase. Mera heard me approaching, and screamed even LOUDER!! I wasn't sure why, he was winning anyway. I grabbed Mera's waist, he went MRRRRRRYEOW!!!!!! and Kiki could escape. Then Mera had a groom at the staircase, and strolled off. Cheh.

I crashed back to bed, next to a snoring Spencer. Posted by Picasa


At 6:51 pm, Blogger san said...

aiyoh cat_aunty. It seesm you are the only one who takes care of the cats! i wonder if these owners know or even think about what taking care of cats is about?

At 11:26 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Sigh. I guess that is the price of
caring too much...

At 9:38 am, Blogger san said...

But then we cannot help it lah. and thank goodness also they have you to take care of all the necessary things :)


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