Sunday, November 05, 2006

The wounds were inflicted by the clipper, when Max was being shaved on Thursday. Apparently there was some bleeding. Yikes!!

I only realised the wounds were so deep, when I was bathing Max this morning. Luckily his coat dried up quickly, and I could put antiseptic powder on them.

His head took a longer time to dry though. Posted by Picasa


At 12:42 am, Blogger Bonnie Underfoot said...

Poor thing! Evil clippers. I avoid being manhandled so senselessly. You nefur know what a human will do!

At 12:52 pm, Blogger Eternal Sunshine said...

why e groomer so lousy?

At 12:36 pm, Blogger Mary said...

This is bad cat aunty, you should lodge a complaint against the groomer.

At 1:00 pm, Blogger san said...

What kind of groomer would not tell you what happened to your kitty until you found out for yourself?? The wounds look horrible.Arghhhhhh!!!


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