Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tired day at work. Difficult customers, staffs missing in action, cashier machine which breaks down 5 times in 4 days... I still felt cold wearing three layers, and it was not raining.

Spencer and Max seemed to be OK when I reached home at 9pm. Max wasn't too hungry, but asked for biscuits many times. Mera, Hat, Yb and Bh2 were waiting at the letter box area. I brought Mera up to the 5th floor. He knew his mum was not at home, even though the door was opened. He went down with me again. When I came back with food, he and BH2 had disappeared. Hat was sitting on someone's car.

Mera's mummy came up at 11pm, and asked me if I had seen Mera. I told her I saw him at 9pm. She asked for a collar from me, and told me that she and her boss have adopted a girl kitten. The boss would bring the kitten to the shop everyday. She had the photos in her handphone. The kitten is cute enough. But now I know why Mera has been sad. Surely he can smell the kitten on his mum's hands, and he feels dejected.

I just sms Mera's mum. She hasn't found him yet. Posted by Picasa


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