Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ma's classic chicken curry. To die for. She added carrots this year.
All the cats were accounted for this morning, including the two weird ginger toms, one mackerel tabby tom, and one tabby white tom. I think the ginger and tabby mackerel are the calico's kids. BH2 sported several wounds and swellings on his face, I think he is working overtime to defend his territory.
Mera was sunning himself, he didn't want biscuits. But when I left for work, he followed me persistently. I asked Sister S to feed him sardines, if she sees him. Sister S is not working today, so Spencer had some company today.
Max just left. Sister J brought him to the vet this evening, to see about his gums, and to arrange for the interferon treatment next week. The vet discovered that Max is also having conjunctivitis in his right eye. Poor Max. I wonder if Spencer swiped at him, or it was the cat shampoo. No wonder he had been glum last night, and refused his biscuits this morning. The vet gave him an injection, which made him sleepy.
After he left, Kiki and Hat appeared for dinner. Spencer is taking wind outside.


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