Friday, February 02, 2007

Kiki was waiting on the corridor when I reached home. He ate two cans.

The night before, when Mera was sitting on the truck, he suddenly turned and looked at something far away. I saw that it was his mummy walking past, about 30 ft away. I don't know, something flickered on Mera's face. He didn't jump down and chase after her. He just looked other way again. He hasn't seen her for 3 weeks.

I felt like a beast. Posted by Picasa


At 4:57 pm, Blogger san said...

Why cat_aunty? i think you had done the right thing. if you had not found mera and taken him to the doc, then he would be in a worse state. I think mera knows his home is with you now.

At 9:54 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Coz I was thinking, like, I took him away from his mummy. I know it is for his own good, and he cannot make decisions for himself. It is like telling a kid that his mum is dead then he sees her again after many years.....


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