Monday, February 26, 2007

The weird ginger tom sneaked into the house last night.
He was crying outside at 6pm, when the corridor was flooded. I carried him to a dry spot and fed him. At 8pm, he decided to come and check us out. Spencer was sleeping at that time, so she didn't see him. But she knew something was amiss. She joined me on the sofa until 10pm, then it was bedtime for both of us. I was having a headache.
Mera came at 9am, surveying the outdoor swimming pool. He had two types of fish, treats, biscuits and water. Hat wanted to come up too, saw Mera, and ran away. Spencer didn't want breakfast today.
I prepared some food for the three weird toms-two gingers and one tabby mackerel; but they were gone when I went down. It was still the usual gang-calico, ginger kitten and BH2. There are two more wandering toms in the neighbourhood-one tabby white like Hat, two tabby mackerel. Groan.


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