Sunday, February 25, 2007

Update: 7pm The cleaners are here to open the pipe cover. The water started to drain with a great whoosh!!! We are saved!!! Spencer came out to inspect the result, and declared it satistactory.

Yes. It is flooding at the corridor outside.
I went out for cycling at 3pm. It was drizzling off and on then. Then when I reached home at 4pm, it started to rain heavily. I was thinking it might be a good thing, as the ground in front of the power station is littered with cat food residue, courtesy of the other cat feeders. Ginger and tabby kittens were grooming each other, snuggling and playing. Kiki has been here since 12pm, snacking and loitering. Spencer was snoozing in the store room. Hat and BH2 were at the carpark.
When I went out at 5pm, I was SHOCKED!! The water is about 2 in deep. Of course, if the rain is heavier or it rains for longer, the water may seep into the house in no time. GAAH!!!
Spencer surveyed the water for 20 minutes, without saying a word. She did touch the water once, gingerly. Then she came inside, screamed, and ate biscuits to calm her nerves. I will give her some Bach now.


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