Friday, February 02, 2007

When I reached home, Mera was sleeping 4 paws up on the sofa. He ate some biscuits, and I leashed him up. Kiki appeared, and Mera snarled at him. This morning, he refused to sleep, until I gave him sardines.

Mera pee on the grass, and walked to the bushes by himself. I brought Hat up, and gave him dinner. Kiki ate some more. Spencer refused to let him go inside the rooms, and chased him all over the house. Damn funny.

I saw Yb sitting with the mackerel tabby at the opposite block. The tabby used to loathe Yb, because he intruded into her territory. I saw him beating the One-Eyed-Jackie at the opposite block. She was hungry, and wanted to join the calico family for breakfast. Yb stopped her. I gave her some biscuits, but she didn't want them. Someone has been feeding her, and she has a tipped ear, and too chubby for a stray!!

Yb is sweet, but he really had problem fitting in. Posted by Picasa


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