Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yb was stalking a fat pigeon. It is dangerous, because a car may just fly by and crush him.

After announcing that CNY springclean be damned, I did....springclean today. I guess it is the genes finally being switched on. I wiped the walls, the surfaces, and changed the lining paper in the cabinets. I still have the windows and bathroom to do.

Spencer was wailing for the whole morning, refusing to settle down. I had to give her some Bach.

Mera was at the garden at 9am, trying to sneak away when he saw me. His mum had fed him biscuits. I brought him up, and he kept wanting to leave. Then I brought out the sardines, he ate, and went to bed.

BH2 is limping, I don't know who he has been fighting with. His head is full of scars when I patted him. The tabby kitten had a growth spurt, and looks like an adult now.


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