Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I had run off my feet the whole day, so I conked out at 8pm. Kiki was here also, but I didn't want him to see KK, so I shut the door. He shouted and yelled and shook his bells, then he pee-ed at the front door.

I was woken up at 10pm but some 10 kids playing and screaming. KK was also singing then. Spencer was sleeping in the other room.

I think KK wanted to pee. So I released him, as he was also looking bright eyed and active.

He screamed somemore, looked at the kitchen, and realised that there was no exit. I had opened the door. He tuned around, wanting to go towards the rooms. I steered him away, and he found the door. He sang somemore, then went off.

I should have caged him and released him at the power station.

Spencer joined me on the bed, fell asleep, and the kids left at 10.30pm.


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