Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spencer taking winds outside. But she doesn't venture far nowadays. It is just a habit.

Kiki has managed to work out the trick of the sarong catdoor, and he managed to squeeze in, hence making Max very unhappy.

Spencer is ambivalent about the whole thing. When Kiki was in the house, she didn't treat him too kindly. But once he was locked outside, and making a huge racket with his bells and shouts, Spencer would sleep by the door. Maybe Kiki was entreating to open the door, maybe he promised a bribe. I have images of Kiki parachuting in through the windows, wearing WWII goggles.

Later I found out what was his Plan B. The laundryman came, and Kiki tried to sneak in. I told the uncle about how dangerous Kiki is, so he tried to distract Kiki. Kiki of course tried to act cute and immocent.


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