Saturday, June 16, 2007

The gold plated breakfast gang.

Spencer seems better, but she clawed me when I fed her the tablets.

Hat was getting ready for bed, as it was chilly.

Mera appeared just before 9am.

The Friskies biscuits must be bad, even Hat won't eat them. Hat prefers IAMS Multi, and SolidGold. The kitties are also on IAMS Multi. I only buy Friskies because Mera wants them.

The uncle didn't feed, so I had 10 kitties to feed this morning!!! It was not enough food for everyone. Ginger even wanted to pinch Yb's food, while Fred and BH2 sniffed about.

As expected, Hat left the house once Max arrived.
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At 7:46 am, Blogger Vegie said...

Wow the arrival of his Majesty the King !

At 9:42 am, Blogger EJ. said...

10 kitties to feed! tough.

At 10:27 am, Blogger san said...

10 kitties!! I am feeding just 4 and sometimes 5 when Big Casanova decides to show up. I can imagine how it feels to feed 10 and also how maddening it is when the uncle doesn't feed. I hope its not a matter of him dumping his kittens on you!


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