Sunday, June 26, 2005


Hat had been sleeping for the whole day, since it started to get stormy in the morning. I assumed it was because of the coldness. He went into a very deep sleep and woke up at 3pm for a small snack, then he went back again. He woke up at 6.30pm, ate his dinner and went down to the garden. I assumed he would be out for the whole night but at 7pm when it looked like rain, he was back at his bed. It was only then I noticed a bite mark on his left jowl.

It could be why his cheek looked so big lately, it may be filled with puss. The same thing happened to Mera before, luckily it burst after one day and he recovered well enough. The vet did explain that bites on the face and back indicated a fierce fight which may complicate matters. It could be Mera or Blacktom who hurt Hat but of course we won't know for sure. The only thing to do wa to dress the wound and hope for the best.

The next day Hat looked chirpy enough, but after brunch ( I woke up late ), he washed himself carefully, looked at the sky and chose to sleep in. The wound looked worse actually, with blood and pus sticking to the fur. I do hope he will recover in time. In the mean time, he has to eat well and rest well.


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