Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The recent upheaval at home is making Spencer upset. She kept talking, jumping about and looking out to the corridor. Poor kitty!

I reached home late tonight, about 10pm. Kiki was loitering outside our place and was overjoyed to see me. Spencer was already waiting but Mera just woke up. He had a tuft of fur hanging out from his face, and after examining, it was a puncture wound on his cheek. I put some antibiotics ointment on him, of course he was not happy about it at all. He did eat some biscuits while Kiki polished off 2 cans.
Then his owner came to claim him so it was just as well.

I went down with Mera and BH2, Hat and Auntycat were all waiting for my attention. They each got their food and I brought Mera to the 5th floor but he didn't want to go in, so I just told him to be a good boy and let him be.

Now I have to get ready for tomorrow and also to pacify Spencer.


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