Friday, September 23, 2005

Kiki is cleaning his precious tail, his pride and joy.

He came at 7.30am this morning but there was no food, so he tried again at 8.30am, and was rewarded with one and a half can. After that he washed his thighs on the kitchen table, and disturbed Spencer who was underneath the chair. Spencer swiped at his tail, and they had a small chase. But Spencer was half hearted about exercises and hid under the bed instead.

I found Mera trying to pinch Auntycat's biscuits. She was mad about it and shouted at Mera. Even though she is small sized, you don't mess with her! I quickly took Mera upstairs for a feed. After food, he glowered at Hat who was resting at the basket until he jumped up and left the house. Then Mera went to sleep on my bed. I took Hat back in. He was slinking around to check Mera's whereabouts. Mera saw him from the corner of his eys, and pretended to pounce at Hat. Hat ran away. Mera went under the bed, satisfied with a fruitful morning of work.

They were cleaning the power station, and I couldn't find BH2. I rang and rang but he didn't appear. Only after the cleaners left then I heard him meowing from the depth of the drain. He finally appeared and was so eager to eat that he pounced on the food even before I put it down. As a result, one big chunk of meat flied out. I just threw it back to him.


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