Friday, November 25, 2005

Spencer has blood in her urine again. Sigh. I thought she was responding to treatment.

I left tuna outside last night, and the plate was licked clean, I am not sure by who.

I had to leave the house early today, and it rained in the morning, so BH2 took a while to appear. Hat was waiting downstairs, and slept after breakfast. He skipped dinner last night, so ate the canned food and biscuits heartily. As expected, Kiki didn't appear, but Mayo was sitting on the window, looking at the rain. I saw Mera, looking cold, and Auntycat, but I didn't feed them as I didn't have biscuits in my bag.

When I reached home, Auntycat shouted for food, and followed me to the post box, grumbling all the way. I saw Mera sulking at the garden path, so I went to pet him. Auntycat was still standing there grumbling, then before I knew it, quick as lightning, Mera jumped up and attacked Auntycat. Auntycat screamed, and Mera chased her with puffy tail and hackles. I grabbed Mera by the waist and he screamed in protest.

Auntycat was alright, and didn't make anothert sound. BH2 was so traumatised he slunk away. Later I saw Kiki and Hat looking on from the corridor. Apparently when Auntycat screamed, hat ran into the house.

Kiki had eaten the leftovers and went home, Auntycat had her dinner under the tree, and I had to search for BH2. Hat had his dinner, sulked on the corridor, and came back to sleep. He looked a bit downcast, either he is sick, or something happened today at the house. Posted by Picasa


At 4:51 pm, Blogger chiangsc said...

May be Spencer really needs to drink more water and less solid food? Very sorry ah.


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