Thursday, February 23, 2006

Server was down last night, and I was terribly tired, so I didn't blog.

This morning, I was so tired I went back to sleep after preparing the cats' breakfast. Max was quiet, while Spencer sat next to me on the bed and tried to wake me up. He did try to touch my legs using his wet nose/mouth/eyes. When I crashed back to bed again, Spencer came in and check on me. At 8.55am I received a SMS, telling me it is all hands on deck at the store, due to some VIP visit. I made sure all the cats had a good breakfast, and set out four litter bins. I managed to play ball with Max, and I explained to Spencer and Max that I would be back late tonight, and crawled to work.

Ended up it was a false alarm afterall. The visit is supposed to be 24th March, not 24th February. I was feeling so sick tired at work, I left 30 minutes earlier.

Max's eyes were not as bad tonight, maybe the saline eyedrop helped. The foil ball was not lost, miraculously. It was lying beside his biscuit dish. I managed to locate another two under the sofa.

Spencer is treating him better. She allowed herself to sit on the floor while Max kicked the ball around. And she sat less than 1 foot away, when I fed him biscuits. I think she has come to accept his presence.

Kiki's owner seems to work in the same area as me. I wonder what she does? Posted by Picasa


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