Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It is Anzac Day today.

Mera gave me his version of the dawn service, by singing at he top of his lungs at 6am. In my room.

I had to crawl out to the kitchen, open the drawer, open the bsicuit tin, and scoop out some biscuits for him. He gave me a delighted meow. Then I had to wait until he finished, so I could keep the biscuits away from Spencer. Groan.

I think BH2 and Hat finished the biscuits otside last night. The two boys were here at 9pm, BH2 sucking biscuits while Hat looked on. Then BH2 rolled on the wet corridor, asking for tummy rubs and showing off his pink paw pads. Surprisingly, Spencer didn't snarl at him. Then they left. But Hat sang at 11pm to be let in. Posted by Picasa


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