Monday, June 26, 2006

Mera making an quick exit after morning tea. He was singing at the top of his voice in my room at 7.30am. I went to bed at 6am after the match, and I did leave biscuits outside. Mera was going from room to room, screaming the roof down. Spencer was sleeping under my bed. I climbed out of bed to give him breakfast, then he wanted me to open the door for him. Silly boy. Maybe he was upset Holland had lost.

I woke up again at 11am, and fed all the cats again. The calico appeared much later, very hungry. Hat was also hanging around the power station. I wonder if he is helping in baby-sitting too.

The weather is good, alternating between cloudly/ windy and bright sunlight. Spencer was a bit agitated, then she finally went to bed. Hat has already slept in the other room, after trying to enter the store room unsuccessfully.

Cat food came, and I tidied the bookshelves. Posted by Picasa


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